Victoria Falls

ZimbabwePosted by Malin Tue, June 26, 2012 10:14:57

When you start travelling you make a plan for your trip and I do not know how many times the plan change along the way. Our original plan was to drive north from Cape Town then through Namibia, Botswana, and then spend about two weeks driving through Zimbabwe. Then we spent one week longer in South Africa than planned and another extra week in Namibia. Now, friends will fly inn to Johannesburg, rent a car and meet up with us in Central Kalahari, so then we have to be somewhere on a specific date. So the plan changed and we realized we had to skip Zimbabwe, but since we did not travel far enough East in USA to see the Niagara Falls and we did not go to Iguazu Falls in Argentina, we really wanted to see the Victoria Falls. Plan …G, H, I or is it J, is now to spend one night in Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe just to see the falls.

The border crossing from Botswana to Zimbabwe at Kazangula was really nice and easy, and from there it was just an 80 km drive to the falls. In Victoria Falls we found a nice backpacker place that let us camp in their garden. With the car nicely parked the town was easy to explore on foot. After walking around for a little while we remembered that we had some recommendations to sit on the terrace at the Victoria Falls Hotel and have a drink and enjoy the view.

It was a really nice stop and the drinks were good, and so was the brownie.

Next day we also left the car at the backpacker place and walked down to the falls. As we approached the entrance all the people with stalls there jumped on their feet as they saw us, and they all asked if we wanted to rent raincoats. It was a funny sight and we just laugh at them since we had Gore-Tex jackets and an umbrella in our backpack.

We paid the 30 USD per person entrance ticket to see the falls and started the walk on the trail along the waterfall.

There was a lot of water and a really impressive view of the falls. We started on the western side of the falls at the statue of Livingstone where a school class had their photos taken.

They all had raincoats on. Further east along the falls it just got more and more wet, like heavy rain from the spray from the falls.

A Gore-Tex jacket and umbrella was ok for our upper part, but our pants got soaking wet. So we should have rented one of the colorful raincoats... But it was a good excuse to sit in the sun for an hour till we were dry again.

Our 24 hour stay in Victoria Falls was really nice. I know that it is probably the most touristy place in Zimbabwe and that the rest of county would not be anything like this, but it is still sad to spend so short time here. But there is always next time….


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