Chile to Argentina: Paso San Francisco

Border crossingsPosted by Espen Mon, October 03, 2011 01:36:10

If it gets any easier than this I’ll stop posting the border info… This border crossing is definitely in the middle of nowhere, but it is a fantastic drive over the Andes Mountains. Highly recommended! The Chilean border station is several kilometers before the actual border, and all you do is to walk in and get your passport stamped, and then walk over to (actually in through a hallway to your right, then left, then right) Aduana, and hand in your vehicle permit. Took about 10 minutes for two cars, but five of them were looking for a customs officer…

The Chilean border station buildt for bad weather.

Drive in and all the way to the gate.

Just before the border, make sure to stop at the beautiful laguna from the last blog post. A few kilometers further on is the Argentinean border station. Stop at the gate and walk into the office. Migracion is the desk to your left (go there first..), and Aduana is the desk to the right.

Argentinean border post. Go in the door to the right. It is worth mentioning tat we were offered to buy fuel at this borderstation. As there is a fuel shortage in Argentina, this should be considered if you have less than 300 kilometers of fuel in your tank.

The paperwork takes a few minutes more than getting your exit stamp from Chile, but it is still a walk in the park. No copies or any hints of propina/tip. The guys here were very friendly and talked mostly about soccer. We got the stamps in our passports, and another officer wrote us a temporary vehicle permit. I think we got 90 days for ourselves and the car. There was no inspection of the vehicles, and we got thumbs up when we left!

As far as we know there is no multiple entry permits for the vehicle in Chile or Argentina, so this process has to be repeated every time you cross between the two countries.


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