If I had a million dollars...

ChilePosted by Malin Sat, October 15, 2011 16:41:37

….I would NOT have bought an exotic pet like a lama or an emu. I would have stayed at the hotel in Portillo, rented Telemark skis and skied most of the day and then spent the afternoon by the swimming pool.

From the Andes mountains and skiing next stop would have been Olas de Matanzas at the Pacific coast where I would have rented one of these cabañas.

Espen could spend the days windsurfing and I could have walked on the beach or read a book.

Lunch, dinners and drinks would have been consumed in this restaurant before the late evening would have been spent in the wood fired hot tub.

I do not have a million dollars, but I am still better off than most people in the world since I can travel overland from Alaska to Ushuaia in my own vehicle. And because I do not have a million dollars, I just looked at the skiers in Portillo and hope that one day I will be able to come back with my own Telemark skis. I have a friend working in the Portillo ski resort, so we had a BBQ and spent the evening in front of the fire place. Not bad at all.

Since we are UN-urban we had decided to drive around the city of Santiago with its 7,2 million inhabitants. But when I checked Facebook in the morning, I saw that another friend and colleague had posted that he was flying from Oslo to Punta Arenas that same day. When we drove towards Santiago I wrote him an SMS asking if he by coincidence was sitting in the airport in Santiago waiting for the connecting flight, and he was. It is a small world. So we ended up having dinner together in the Airport in Santiago.

When we got to Olas de Matanzas on the Pacific Coast they did not only rent out those great looking cabins, but they also had a campground… We had internet, hot showers, a fantastic view, good lunches with cheese, salami and wine, and dinners outside in the sunset.

Life is pretty good even if we do not have a million dollars. But we will continue to drive towards the pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow. You never now….


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