Portillo to Matanzas in Chile

ChilePosted by Espen Tue, October 18, 2011 16:57:45

Also thought I should put in some pics from the road after crossing into Chile from Mendoza in Argentina (as Malin only posted pics from what she would WANT to do...) :-) After Portillo you have to go down these switchbacks. Engineering made pretty..

We had talked about taking the old road over Paso Cristo Redentor. There is a huge statue up there, and Malin was up there several years ago when she was waiting in Puente del Inca for me to get back down from Aconcagua. Unfortunately, the road was still closed for the season, but when we had crossed the border we saw that the road going up from the Chilean side had been cleared for snow.

We started driving up, but realized pretty soon that thay had given up on the attempt. We drove up to where thay had turned around (a meter and a half of snow blocking the road), and had to go back down. And the face of that "gravel mountain" didn't really look too safe....

After driving past Santiago, we arrived at the coast quite late, and in the dark. Found a campsite in the forrest south of Valparaiso, and we kept driving south the next day. This is a view point over a town called La Boca.

We also drove down to the beach not far from here. Lots of people down there fishing. Could have been a nice, free camp site for us, but a little too windy for the roof top tent...

There was a camp ground in La Boca, but we didn't stay. We kept going south another half an hour, and then found Matanzas where we settled for a few days.

Olas de Matanzas has some incredible cabanas/bungalows, but they also have a few camp sites, and we went for the cheaper option. :-) VERY tempting, though...

In the next post we go to check out the lakes!


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