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AntarcticaPosted by Espen Tue, February 14, 2012 15:45:26

Hi Everybody!

We’ll try not to bore you with details, but there are some pics we just have to upload. Antarctica is a fascinating place, and even if we’re now back on the “mainland”, it is sometimes hard to let go of the frozen continent and the people we teamed up with for Antarctic summer. It was long and sometimes hard hours, but when we had some time off, it was always worth the effort. The Union Glacier Camp is on a glacier in the Herritage Mountain Range, and the views in all directions are stunning. We had a few excursions out from camp to different “sightseeing” in the area.

Here we are driving along the ice runway where the Illushin-76 lands with all the people and cargo going in to or through Union Glaicer. Great place for a photo session. The vehicles we use in and around camp (on groomed roads) are a couple of Ford E-350s, one on 39,5 inch wheels, and one running a set of Mattracks.

Parked at Elephant Hill for a stroll in the area. This is a very stable part of the glacier, and there are no crevasses in this area.

And as we mentioned the blue ice runway, a nice thing to do is to go down to watch the Illushin land, or help unloading cargo. We had 31 Illushin flights this season, the biggest season for ALE so far.

Outside the dinner tent for afterhours activity is also a slack-line. And yes, it is afterhours even if the sun is up. 24 hours, remember..? J

During this season we had one full day off just before Christmas, and we went for a climb of Mount Rossmond.

This is the mountain we see every day as it is towering over camp. We had a fantastic day, and we could see all the way over to the Vinson Massif with Antarctica’s highest mountain, Mount Vinson. Maybe one day. To the east we could see out over the platau and the white horizon of ice, ice, and more ice….

Next post is about a nice bonus for a dishwasher, and it had 6WD!


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