Patagonia and Ruta 3

ArgentinaPosted by Malin Wed, March 07, 2012 11:55:28

When we were back in Punta Arenas and our contract with ALE ended our main goal was to get up to Buenos Aires or Montevideo to get the Patrol shipped over to South Africa. Travelling north we started with a detour to the northwest to Torres del Paine National Park. The weather did not cooperate so there were no towers to be seen.

We did not feel that we had the time to wait around for better weather so we crossed into Argentina.

Driving on the eastern side of Patagonia is pretty monotone and boring. Especially when the surroundings mostly looks like this.

The most exciting we saw one day was the valley around Rio Santa Cruz.

When we made it all the way east we hit Ruta 3, the paved road running all the way up to Buenos Aires, it got even more boring, but at least we could cover good distance on this road. Every now and then we had to get of Ruta 3 just to break up the monotone drive. At Cabo dos Bahias we did find some wildlife with a colony of 9000 breading pairs of Magellan penguins and their chicks.

Espen got a new friend.

Penguins are really cute and they look pretty innocent, but they do have some serious fights.

The further north we drove the warmer it got. After three months in Antarctica + 38 degrees Celsius is hot…, but it was great to wear shorts and T-shirts again.

A beach is the perfect lunch stop.

Evening stroll along the beach at low tide in Balneario El Cóndor.

Ten days and 3200 km from Punta Arenas we arrived in Buenos Aires airport where I, Malin, boarded a plane to go home to Norway for a few weeks to visit family and friends, bring all the winter clothing to Norway and pick up the Carnet de Passage (the car’s passport) that we need in Africa. Espen will work on shipping the Patrol to Africa and then we will meet up on a (for us) new continent to continue our travel.

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