Waiting waiting waiting in Argentina

ArgentinaPosted by Espen Fri, March 30, 2012 06:26:33

Almost there!!
I hope. According to plan and booking, the Patrol should be on its way to South Africa in a couple of days time. However, seing is believing. Still, to be fair with hardworking shipping agents (and companies), I'm sure they do their best, and for us overlanders it IS important to remember that this is not a ferry service. And in most cases they are more or less on time, and everything is goes according to plan. In our case it was unfortunate that the UK - Argentina relations was slightly more heated than normal, and that this partucular vessel sailed under British flag. I'll file it under bad luck for now. The vessel arriving in a couple of days is sailing under Panama flag (yes, I checked!), so hopefully this will be arriving without trouble.
Malin is still in Norway, and here the other day she mentioned that my last blog sounded a little negative. Well, yes, I was... But when the frustration was out, I discovered that hanging out for three weeks in Argentina wasn't really that bad.

As the car is a little overdue for a service, I didn't want to put in any long distance driving, and I also wanted to get through with some administrative and web issues that I have been thinking about for a while. More about web-things later. I found myself a nice and quiet camp ground in the village of Paranacito, and settled in for a while at Camping Top Malo. Two weeks to be exact. First few days I didn't really do anything but reading and enjoying some of the treats of Argentina. BBQ, red wine, cheese and salames. Not bad at all, actually...

Summer is coming to an end in the southern emisphere, and the campgrounds and not very crowded other than in weekends. My campground host invited me to a sightseeing trip on the river running past the village. It would be a couple of hours to get out onto the huge Rio Uruguay. The camping hosts are also fishing guides, and arrange fishing trips on the rivers in the area.

well. Amazon river from the coast of Brazil to Peru...? Hmm... I'll have to think more about that.

Well, the waiting is almost over, and in a couple of days I will be loading the Patrol in Port Zarate. I hope...

More soon!

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