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ArgentinaPosted by Espen Fri, April 13, 2012 22:29:02

Hi! During the long hours of waiting for the Ro-Ro vessel, we've re-designed our www.unurban.no. It was way over-due for an update, and we hope that these small modifications will allow us to post more info a bit more frequently than we have so far. And, yes, we did put in some google ads. Sorry about. Will be removed if it has no practical "effect".

From Lungile Lodge in Port Elizabeth, our home the last week.

We have also just started printing our own t-shirts, but there is no pressure.... :-) Still no book available from the unURBAN adventures.

Most of the news sections on the front page is updated from our blogs, and the pictures are uploaded from our photostream on Flickr. This could have the effect that it will take a few minutes before everything is updated on the front page after we have published it on the blogs or on Flickr. The idea is that we can update our web site without having to program html. We'll see if it works.... And I don't have a Mac so if Mac users see something funny, please let me know.

(the link to the Argentina - South Africa shipping post will be updated as soon as the boat docks)

Now, CHECK IT OUT!!! www.unurban.no


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