Port Elizabeth

South AfricaPosted by Malin Fri, April 20, 2012 15:19:21

Finally, after 7 weeks of waiting in Argentina and Norway we arrive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Port Elizabeth is on the Sunshine Coast, but we must have done something wrong because our first day here it rained the whole day.

So our first day in Africa was spent in front of the fire place. Good place for planning our route for the next few weeks.

It is always the same arriving in a new place or new country while travelling, we have to find food. Sounds basic, and it is, but compared to home you never know where your closest supermarket is. After getting the instructions from the hostel we took our backpacks and headed off, and 25 minutes later we were at the supermarket. Compared to arriving in Latin America without speaking any Spanish, arriving in South Africa was easy since it is all in English. At home when you go into your local supermarket you know where to find everything, and it doesn’t take you to long to shop everything you need. On the road, every supermarket looks a bit different and off course the selection in each country differs quite a bit. We spend some time to find all the items we would like. About two hours after we left the hostel we were back with the food. Then we had a second look at the orange juice we had bought and realized that it was not only orange juice, it was mixed with something that not even the producers knew what was. Apple or pear, or something totally different??

Port Elizabeth has a great beach that is good for a walk (we still have not tried it for swimming). If you do not want to sit on the beach there are plenty of cafes and restaurants with great ocean view.

One afternoon we meet up with fellow travelers Mandy and Christian at one of these restaurants. (Christian is something so unusual as a Norwegian overlander!!! First Norwegian overlander we meet on our travels). We managed to sample three bottles of South African wine, good start for the South African wine tasting!

Beside this Espen has finished the work on our website. I have not done much, but time goes by anyway.

Now we hope the waiting is soon over because we are ready to go travelling again and see some of Africa.


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