Top of the world Highway

CanadaPosted by Malin Thu, July 29, 2010 23:11:36

Going north we crossed into Alaska at Beaver Creek, so now we wanted to try another road and see Dawson City on our way south. Our only option was the Top of the world highway. We had been told the Top of the world highway is a beautiful drive, but we cannot really confirm that since we could only see 30 meters ahead of us. The most exciting part of the drive was passing RV’s that had driven off the road and needed help to get up again (but too heavy for our winch...).

After a day in the fog we descended out of the fog and down to Yukon River were a small ferry took us across the river and into Dawson City.

In Dawson we stayed at the campground in the city center so it would be easier to explore the really well preserved gold rush city.

The streets with wooden boardwalks and well restored houses gives the city a great charm and atmosphere.

Our last day in Dawson was 1st of July, Canada Day, and there was a parade on Main Street, followed by a gold panning competition were the winner would travel to the gold panning world championship. While we were in Dawson, we had to see Bonanza Creek where the Gold Rush started. On the way to Bonanza Creek we passed Dredge number 4 that was the largest of all the dredged that was used to dig for gold.

After a few days in the “city” we felt the need for some nature again and headed to Tombstone Provincial Park on Dempster Highway.

We did a hike into Grizzly Lake were we spent a night before hiking out the same way again in changing weather (sun, hail, fog, and rain). On the way to Whitehorse we stopped by the Hot Springs were it was good to soak and relax after the hike. Back in Whitehorse it was time to give the car a good wash, sort out all the stuff we had brought with us that we have realized we do not need, packing our bags and fly home to Norway. In the summer it is a really good flight twice a week from Frankfurt to Whitehorse and Fairbanks and for us it ended up to be the cheapest tickets and only 15 hours flight time to Norway, better than anything we could get from Calgary or Vancouver.

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