Through The Windshield

MalawiPosted by Espen Tue, September 11, 2012 17:47:42
Some times when driving you take photos of things you see going on along the road. Normally, the picture is, from a photographic point of view, crap. Reflections from the window, out of focus, too dark, etc... But still, what you can see in the photo can be quite interesting and perhaps characteristic for the area you travel through. Therefore I'd like to try to post some of these pics as well, just to give an idea of things we see along our way. I call it the Through The Windshield series.

First out is:

"Things you can buy along the road", and pictures are taken in Malawi:

Everywhere people gather you find things for sale, especially food.

Coka Cola is also everywhere, but we don't see as many commercials as expected. Beer and air time for cell phones are also readily available.

Fruits and vegetables are also sold along the road.

Bad feeling about the afternoon drive?

Other souvenirs: baskets and natural-rubber-footballs...

Planning to put up a new roof? Everything you need is available next to the road.

Not technically buying anything, but another thing you could spend money on along the road in Malawi are speed traps. First one on the trip so far, came after almost 100 000 km, in Malawi. They even had a video camera connected to the laser gun, and yes, we were speeding.......


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