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MalawiPosted by Espen Wed, September 12, 2012 20:38:01

Okay, it is not only about the lake. We found of course a few other interesting places along the way as well. After the infamous incident with the speeding ticket, we headed inland to Wvaza Game Reserve. Since leaving Kruger National Park in South Africa we’ve hardly seen any wild animals, and Malawi doesn’t really come to mind when thinking about good wildlife viewing. But we wanted to give it a try. It is a two hour drive in from the main road north along the lake, and the camp site was amazing!

It is a very quiet place, and there weren't many people around when we were there. We had stocked up on food (even found a good meat shop!!) in Mzuzu, and soon the fire was going for the braai. We hadn’t even had time to put the meat on before the first elephant came walking straight past our camp site. Those animals are BIG…..

We continued north and soon found a road sign pointing up a steep hill to Livingstonia. This is the place the missionaries chose to get away from the malaria, and the mission is on the top of a hill almost a thousand meters above the lake.

Up, up, up. We didn’t count the switchbacks, but there were many…

Livingstonia is not as busy as it used to, I guess, but somebody made my day by serving fresh scones at this little coffee shop. Just down the road we found a camp site literally on the edge of a cliff with views over the lake. Not a place for sleep walking.

We even had meat left for the braai (bbq)! Though life….

Malawi is not a big country, and if you try you can probably drive through it in two or three days. For us, however, Malawi was a great place for a long-driving-days-break, and we even stopped at a place for a last day by the lake after driving down from Livingstonia.

At this place we also came across traces of some other overlanders, almost as famous as us…

Next post from the border to Tanzania.


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