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The paradise island off the coast of Tanzania that you find in all the nice and cool travel magazines. I had high expectations, and could even be persuaded to leave the Patrol at a beach resort on the mainland for more than a week. How we were supposed to get out to the island had been discussed for a few days, and the first plan was to park the Patrol close to Dar es Salam, and then take one of the big ferries. Then we got an email from Georg and Andrea (toyotours.com).

At a nice and quiet beach resort a full day driving north of Dar, they had found a way to charter a small fishing boat. Malin was VERY skeptical in the beginning, but after some research we decided to drive up there and take a look. The weather was nice, to trip should take about 4 hours, weather forecast was good, and people arriving back from Zanzibar on this boat told us it was quite nice. We went for it!

We landed on the norther tip of Zanzibar, at Nungwi, and it really is a paradise.

But what most people don't know, is that at most of the beaches on Zanzibar swimming is a high tide only activity...

As soon as the tide go out, the locals start harvesting seaweed and dig for mussels.

Another thing that is worth remembering if you plan to go there, is that this is a muslim community, the religion spreading south along the coast of Africa with trading long before the Europeans arrived a couple of hundred years ago. They ask the tourists to respect the local tradition and culture by dressing properly.

After a couple of days on the beach we headed south to Stone Town, the main city (only "real" city) of Zanzibar.

A charming town with lots and lots of small narrow streets. It was really nice to just wander around with no other purpose than just wander....

The decorated doors are a Zanzibar speciality, and you see these amazing doors all around town. I couldn't stop wondering how many hours it would take to make one. Never got around to ask, though...

As soon as the sun went down the night market came to life. I think most of the tourists in Stone Town went here in the evening, to look, taste, and eat.

Our favorite was the Zanzibar pizza, and make another mental note about the lobster. It is not really lobster on those sticks, and we're not even sure the fish they sold as tuna really was tuna... Anyway, it was a fascinating place and the fish (no matter what it was) was fresh!

For our last days on Zanzibar we rented a SUZUKI!!! What can I say... it was cheap...

And it took us to Bwejuu on the south east coast where we spent the last two days on the island relaxing on the beach.

Next, we drive from sea level and almost 2000 meters up into the Usambara Mountains...


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