Usambara Mountains

TanzaniaPosted by Malin Tue, October 23, 2012 08:29:21

Usambara Mountains is in the North East of Tanzania not too far from the border to Kenya. One of our reasons to visit the area was because we had heard about Irente Farm and that they produced cheese. Travelling in countries far away you sometimes miss food items that you are used to from home. On the top of our list of food items is good bread. After weeks of eating white toast bread the homemade bread from Irente Farm tasted amazing, and put homemade cheese on that slice of bread and it was even better.

First night in the mountains we stayed at the Irente Farm at their campsite, but for the next day we wanted better view and the moved to the Irente View Point Lodge.

At the lodge/hotel they let us camp at their parking lot in front of the hotel with incredible view over the landscape hundreds of meters below us. The view was breathtaking, but I did not really relax camping there because we were in front of the hotel. I could not really understand why they let us camp there at all, because they did not really make money on us since we paid 10 USD for a night. Quite a few other guests arrived and if they wanted to see the view from the front of the hotel they had to walk past us to get to the garden.

One group was really interested in our vehicles and stopped by Georg and Andrea to have a peek into their Toyota.

Driving through the Usambara Mountais we got a different feeling of the area than other places we have driven through in the low lands of Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania. Farms and villages seemed more organized and well looked after. Some people had painted their huts and even decorated them, which we had not really seen anywhere else lately.

Potatoes were harvested in a few fields, but most of the fields were getting prepared for the start of the growing season.

The road was winding through villages, up and down. A couple of places we got out of the vehicle to check a bridge we had to cross, just to make sure it would take the weight of the Patrol, and no problem.

On the northern end of the mountains we camped a couple of days at Mambo View Point Lodge and we had again some amazing views over the low lands below us.

This photo is taken from a view point below the lodge. If you look on the top of the cliff you will see some white buildings, that are some of the huts at the Lodge. The lodge has a spectacular location.

At the Mambo View Point Lodge there was also a few other visitors like these two chameleons. Their camouflage is a lot better than Espens.

The drive through the Usambara was amazing and it must be the best drive we have had since North Western Namibia.


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