Break break

TanzaniaPosted by Espen Tue, October 30, 2012 13:24:39

Same procedure as last year… Some of you already know, there will be a short break in driving, and we’re flying to Antarctica for a few months work.

We found a place that we both thought looked good in Tanzania, and the Patrol, our home for the last two and a half years, are parked next to quite a few other overland vehicles waiting for their owners and new adventures.

Some wax will hopefully make it easier to wash away months of African dust. Of course it is the last night, and of course I had the whole week...

It feels strange and sad to leave the Patrol behind, but we’re not too worried. When the travel account has been refilled, we hope to continue north towards Europe and Norway.

When we’re on the ice in Antarctica we don’t really have access to Internet and to the forum, so until we’re back in February there will not be posts on our thread and blog.

We do however manage to get some tweets out (we think), so you can follow us on Twitter or check in on unurban.no as the tweets also will show there.

Hope you’ll check in on us when we’re back!!!


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