Rainy season

KenyaPosted by Malin Sat, April 13, 2013 15:31:10

Driving north from South Africa in May 2012 we traveled in the dry season for 5 months. We did not have a drop of rain for at least three months in the middle, and it made life on the road nice and easy. As we have had a break and stored the Patrol for 6 months in Arusha, we are now going to try out how it is to travel in Africa in the rainy season. The benefit with traveling in the rainy season is that the landscape will look different from the brown, dusty and dry landscape we left in September. Now the landscape is green and flowers are blooming.

Having been on the road again for about a week we have realized that travel life in the rainy season will be a bit different. Rainy season does not mean that it rains the whole day, even if that happens some days too. Most of the time it rains for a few hours each day, and so far that has mostly been in the evening and night. It makes it more challenging to cook dinner in the evening as it is pouring down with rain. Maybe most evening meals will turn into soups…

Road conditions will be more challenging since dirt roads turns into mud with ponds of water. Now we are in Nairobi and here it has been some really heavy rain, and that goes for the north and north west of Kenya too, and this is where we want to travel.

Reports are saying that there have been flash floods and roads have been washed away, but it is really difficult to know how the conditions really are and the only way is to head north and figure it out for ourselves.

Maybe we will be sitting like these baboons in a few days’ time, looking up at the skies and waiting for the rain to stop.

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