Visa waiting in Addis Ababa

EthiopiaPosted by Espen Wed, June 05, 2013 12:10:23

Our stay in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, turned out to last a little bit longer than we had planned. The visa we were told could just be “collected” at the embassy actually took us 10 days to process. Good thing we’re not on a two weeks holiday…

Fortunately, Addis Ababa is a very nice city. Because we were only staying for a couple of days we splurged and checked in to a nice room in a mid-range hotel, the Itegue Taitu Hotel.

The standards for electrical Appliances are a bit different than what we are used to in Europe though...

Around the corner we stumbled upon Café Oslo, and of course this became our favorite breakfast and coffee place. Here digging into a Fetira with egg and honey. Delicious!

One of the most famous Africans in the whole world can be visited in Addis Ababa. Lucky for us, she was just back in town from a world tour, and the museum arranged for a special exhibition: “Lucy comes home”.

Lucy is one of the earliest humans (Australopitechus afarensis) we know about, and she walked around in Ethiopia about 3,2 million years ago.

We were not the only ones looking for visas to Sudan in Addis Ababa. The days of waiting was actually quite social, and we had a lot of fun together with other overlanders.

For one American it took four weeks to arrange for the visa! It turned out to be easier for us though, and soon we were on the road again on our way to see the churches of Lalibela. If we can navigate our way out of town, that is.... Traffic laws are totaly ignored!

More soon!

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