Things to do after an overland trip

EuropePosted by Espen Wed, February 19, 2014 17:40:03
Hi All,

We’ve been off-line for a while, but are now back in Norway after a great couple of months on the Antarctic continent. Malin was part of the shut-down crew this season, and they flew out on the 11th of February. I’ve been in Norway for a couple of weeks working on the Patrol.

The Patrol which has looked like this for the last five years, is under the knife... To get the car through the roadworthy–tests in Norway, the lift, the big tires, and also the steel bumpers have to come off. All the camping gear has gone into storage, and the modifications have been reversed back to original settings.

It has been quite a few hours spent in the workshop to change back to the original parts, but fortunately it seems everything has survived the time in storage. The only thing left is to replace the axles with lower geared ones. The axles we’ve had have been geared for 37”-38” tires, and the original tire size is about 30.5” Feels weird, and the size difference is significant!

Underbody protection is coming off, and so are the rock sliders on the side. Originally the Patrol has steps.

The adjustable and longer/dropped control arms are replaced with the standard arms as the lift coils are taken out. The arms from the lift kit is on the floor.

Everything is put back on and I had the first test drive. Next up is a good rub and polish, and to mount back seats. I still think it looks good considering what it has been through!

And so it ends for the unURBAN Patrol. Soon to be for sale...

Thanks for the ride!!

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