CanadaPosted by Malin Tue, August 17, 2010 07:53:07

Victoria is a really nice city, and compared to most North American cities, it has a city center like European cities - not a six lane highway, but streets you can walk in... Our first day there we drove through down town and followed the road along the beach front to Cordova Bay. After that drive we had the impression that Victoria must have a big wealthy population based on the houses and the properties along the coast. Not having the money to spend to stay at any of the nice hotels in this area, we ended up at Ocean View RV camping just south of Sidney, which has the cleanest bathrooms we have seen after three months on the road. After driving more than 3000 km in about two weeks, we needed a little rest and ended up staying at Ocean View for seven days.

Walking around in Victoria is a perfect way to spend a day, because the city has a great atmosphere, is full of flowers, nice shops and restaurants. Laura and Andrew had given us a few tips about places to eat and our afternoon was spent sipping cold white vine in the sun at Canoe Restaurant while looking over the harbor.

After some more strolling around in the city center, a tasty dinner at the Tapa Bar was followed by listening to The Casual Sax Quartet on the street corner.

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