unURBAN goes urban - in Vancouver!

CanadaPosted by Espen Tue, August 17, 2010 20:25:57

It wouldn’t have felt right to drive through Vancouver and not stop to take in some urban impulses. So we pitched our roof top tent in a RV campground in Vancouver city and jumped on a bus heading down town. Well, actually, we had a soft start to our urban days by getting off the bus at Stanley Park, and walk along the beach towards the city center. On our way we even stopped for a couple of hours at the aquarium, where there is about 70 000 creatures swimming, crawling, jumping, and flying around behind glass walls. A highlight was all the arctic marine life they had collected, as Malin just came out of the arctic, where she worked as a field chef for a research project studying some of the creatures living under the ice.

Beluga whale playing with his pet...

The evening and the next day we spent wandering around downtown. Stopped by the Chinese garden, but didn’t feel like spending the bucks to go in. We have put in on the list of things to do when we get to China… From Chinatown we headed for the “old Vancouver” and got a table at the place serving Vancouver’s best cheese cake for a coffee and a, believe it or not, cheese cake!

Vancouver has very modern and “big city” like skyline compared to our home city, Oslo. Walking around looking up at the architecture felt a little like walking in Cathedral Grove looking up at the big trees. It is a busy place, of course, but it was also easy to find a quiet place for a break.

And maybe the most important thing of them all is absolutely present for the city of Vancouver: it is really close to beautiful, fun, and relaxing places. Which is where we are on our way now.... ;-)

More soon!

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