Wine tasting in Okanagan

CanadaPosted by Malin Tue, September 07, 2010 20:57:40

After two days off-road driving on the Whipsaw trail and camping out in the mountains, it was time to do something different. Next stop was Okanagan valley and the Wine yards. This valley has some of the highest average temperatures in Canada and it gave me a Mediterranean feeling, part of the reason could be that the novel I was reading was set in Southern France and Italy.

We decided to try out three wine yards, and the first one out was Quail’s Gate. Were we tried some good wines and ended up buying some bottles for our “wine cellar” in the Patrol.

The second, Mission Hill, is the largest and the showcase wine yard in BC, and we thought it would be a nice place to eat lunch. Unfortunately, when we got there their restaurant was closed for some reason. Second best place then for lunch was our car where sandwiches were served on the road shoulder...

Grey Monk had an open restaurant and we decided for a little compensation after our sandwich lunch and ordered dessert and coffee.

Lemon crème brulè, biscuit, chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries topped with cream, and a cherry dipped in dark chocolate was the result, and it is by far the best dessert we have had in North America. After this light refill it was time for some more wine tasting. Since our “wine cellar” now was filled up it was time to hit the road again.

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