Dinosaur hunting in Drumheller

CanadaPosted by Espen Tue, September 07, 2010 23:19:22

The last thing to do in Canada before crossing back into US was to visit the Dinosaur museum in Drumheller. Driving across the plains and suddenly drop down into a strange looking canyon is a magic experience, and even more so when spending a day at the Royal Tyrell Museum to get the 65 million years or so old story…

The Drumheller area is known for all its dinosaur fossils, and its rather special rock formations. When seeing and walking in between these formations, it is almost so you have to look over your shoulder to check if a dino is peaking out behind one of the HooDoos.

One of the most famous dinosaur fossils found in this area is “Black Beauty”. This Tyrannosaurus Rex is a young, or just small, but fantastically detailed skeleton. The minerals that over time replaced the organic material from the skeleton were of a type that gave a dark color, and from this came the name. And these creatures are truly an amazing part of our history.

And are kind of scary… Glad I don’t have to hide from these beasts.

Drumheller is a must stop for all travellers (and I guess, for locals as well…). And of course, they have the biggest dinosaur in the world.

And now: USA!


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