Salt Lake City

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In April when Espen was on his way north he stopped by Tom Wood in Ogden to have a new drive shaft made for our Nissan Patrol. When Tom heard that we were passing through Ogden again we were invited to dinner and to sleep in a good bed in his house. We had a really nice evening in Ogden with Tom and his family.

Being in the area we had to see the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island State Park. Great Salt Lake is far saltier than the ocean, but we did not try out if we could float in it.

Getting our feet wet was enough and our legs were covered in salt the rest of the day.

The last five seasons I have worked as a chef for Antarctica Logistics & Expeditions at their base Patriot Hills in Antarctica.

Part of the reason to stop in Salt Lake City was to stop by the ALE office and say hi. It was nice to see the ALE people again. I will not see them this season on the ice, because then we will still be on the road. Thanks to Chris that took us in and gave us a home while we were sightseeing around in Salt Lake.

On Sunday morning at 09.15 we were in the Tabernacle to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was amazing to listen to the choir with their 360 members, the largest choir I ever heard.

Afterwards we walked up the hill to look at the State Capitol and got a great view over the city. We ended the day with a “small” milk shake that we just managed to consume half of. Saw a couple that had obviously been there before because they shared one.

The next day we continued our drive south to Moab.

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