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Finally! Back in Moab. Must admit that I've missed the place, the atmosphere, and of course the recreation possibilities for 4x4 freaks... :)

Have recently had some problems with our aux gel battery lately. It seems that is doesn't receive charging as well as it should. The voltage looks good after a full day of driving, but when we start using power, the voltage drops way too fast. It is a 120 Ah battery, and the first few months it would keep my fridge running for 3-4 days. Now it is less than 2, and if I recharge the laptop, only one... Bought a "intelligent" batterycharger, hooked it up, and let it run for two days. Looked better the first couple of days, but now I'm not so sure. Hope I havent killed the aux batt.

Well! After a couple of days by the pool at the campground in Moab (while waiting for the battery....), we left to explore the Parks nearby. First day we spent in Arches. Still beautiful (I was there on my way north, but Malin hasn't been there before.) and kind of crowded. I hade some thoughts about driving the White Rim Trail to show Malin the landscape, but the trail was washed out. A 30 by 30 feet part is missing...

And this time I'm actually IN some of the pics! :-)

Found a nice campsite just outside Arches.

The next day we drove up the road past Gemini Bridges to Island In The Sky. Nothing technical, but a scening route without much traffic. From lthe view points up at Island In The Sky, we could see large parts of the White Rim Trail. Fantastic views!!

The road along the edge is The White Rim Trail.

Took a pic of this one on our way out from the park. Next mod, and then do the Trans Sibirian railway on our way back home to norway??? :)

Even got to do some playing around up at Sand Flats. I'll try to post some pics of that as well. In the meantime, check out unURBAN's first videos on Youtube!!!



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