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Promised to post a few more pics from Moab in the previous post. Not much new, but as Malin has only seen pictures from the areas around Moab, we took a trip up to Sand Flats Recreation Area and played around in Fins & Things and Hell's Revenge.

A familiar place... Fins & Things

Moab slickrock. Facinating terrain..

Ok, ok, ok... I faked the last one. BUT IT FEELS LIKE THIS!!

Moab landscapes.

And we found dino-tracks here too!

Have to admit that I was hoping to do some new trails, but so far not. Long story... :) The next day we stopped by Chip''s Tires and wanted to get a new set as we soon head south to Central and South America. the 35" GY MT/R have now about 30 000 miles, and I'm a little worried about the load index (C rated 3 ply) and they are on 15" wheels. Ordered new 37x12,5-17 BFG MT KM2, and started looking for available wheels. Not so easy, but thanks to a bunch of phone calls by Jeff and Chip, we eventually found some alternatives that could ship right away. Anyway, as it took 3-4 days to get the wheels sent to Moab, we suddenly decided to take another little detour. So we packed up and started driving for Telluride and Imogene Pass. More about that in the next post! And that was the reason for not playing around in some new trails around Moab. That was something we should do when we came back for the tires. Unfortunately, that didnt happpen either. The Patrol needs a center bore of 110 mm. The biggest 6 bolt 5,5" wheels produced for the US market is 108 mm. F...! Wheels now sent to be machined out. And this would allow us for a couple of days playing around in the trails? Nope. As the spare wheel on my rear bumber was purchased when I got to US, this also has 108 mm center bore. So We have been driving around for about 15 000 miles with a spare that doesnt fit! Luckily we never needed it.... :)

Well. Still hanging out in Moab waiting for our new wheels. Actually, we are kind of happy about finding this out now, and not in Guatemala. And Jeff and Chip is really working hard to help us out. Crossing fingers for tomorrow..

So! In the next post we're running into a snow over Imogene Pass!

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