Four days and four National Parks

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After driving the Lockhart Basin Trail from Moab we drove to Lake Powell. Arriving at Halls Crossing, we had planned to take the ferry across Lake Powell the same day to Bullfrog. Then we learned that it was no longer summer, but fall, and that the ferry now operated after the fall schedule. The last ferry across left at 2 pm, and we got there at 3 pm... The result of this was that we had an afternoon off with no driving. So instead we had a swim in the lake, Espen fixed something on the car, I cooked dinner, and we shared a bottle of white wine while we looked at the sun set. Changing of plans is not always bad J

The next day we managed to get the ferry across Lake Powell before we drove north-west on Burr Trail.

On our way we crossed Capital Reef National Park, and after crossing the Reef we took a detour on narrow trail going up a dry river bed at Upper Muley Twist Canyon. From the end of the trail it was a short hike up to a view point with excellent views over Capitol Reef.

After having lunch on the Reef we drove on to Bryce Canyon.

And even driving between the different National Parks in Southern Utah are pretty spectacular as the landscape is just amazing. Even in short distances the scenery change a lot, and somehow the “rocks” always look a bit different.

We spent the night in a campground in the National Forrest just west of Bryce National Park. In the morning we were woken up by gun shots at 0630, the hunting season has obviously started. But for us it was time to get up and see Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce was again different from all the Parks we have seen so far, and really impressive. After looking at the major sites, thunder clouds were closing in on us, and we felt we had seen enough. We turned the car around and drove to Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon was definitely Grand looking down at it from the North Rim. After stopping at different viewpoints the thunder clouds were catching up on us when we were at Valhalla, and we felt it was time to leave. On the road back to Kanab we passed through an area with fresh snow. It is fall.

We headed for Zion National Park, but the road was closed at night because of road work and we had to camp just before the park.

Next morning we drove into our fourth National Park in four days. Had planned to have a good look around in Zion because we had heard the park is beautiful and again different from all the other Parks in the area. Clouds were hanging low over the mountain, and rain and thunder were getting more and more intense. After speeding through all these different national Parks we felt we had seen enough rocks in different shapes, and we did not feel like camping in thunder storms for the next two days. So our stay in Zion went down the drain.

It is always a next time…

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