Las Vegas

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Las Vegas... what can we say about that place? Hmm … You are driving through the desert and then you get to this big city in the middle of nowhere that should not really exist in a desert. Walking around the town feels like a Disney Land for grown-ups.

Still, we felt we had to stop and experience it. We got to Vegas on a Monday, and in the weekdays some hotels have a decent price on their rooms to attract people so they can spend their money on gambling. For us it was our first night in a hotel since 5th of May and we cannot say anything else than it was good. However, we cannot make a habit of staying in hotels, because then our trip will be a short one.

Before arriving in Vegas, Espen had talked about doubling our travel budget, but luckily he had some statistic classes at the University and steered away from both slot machines and the roulette. Our dollars were not spent in the casino, but on nice food.

In the Paris hotel we had some

amazing cakes, and dinner one night was

scallops and cauliflower purè.

Eaten while watching the fountain in front of the Bellagio, mmm…

The rest of our time we walked around looking at the different hotels and casinos, and it is crazy what they build. After three days in Vegas we felt it was enough and time to get out of the city. Leaving Las Vegas we drove to Lake Mead and across the Hoover Dam. Impressive structure, and also strange to see how much the water level has gone down there in recent years.

Wonder why… Vegas?

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