Prescott, Jerome, and Sedona

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Drove south from Las Vegas to Arizona and Prescott. Rumours had it that there was supposed to be a BBQ event arranged by Overland Journal and Adventure Trailers, and we decided to go for it. At the BBQ we met several of the people behind probably the best overland travel oriented magazin in print (yes, that would be Overland Journal), and had a really great evening with good food (prepared by AT and "Overland Gourmets"), and hours of travel- and equpment-chit-chat into the night.

And after the weekend Chris from OJ took us to play around in the trails around Sedona. The first trail was Soldiers Pass, and the tralhead was just minutes from the
city center. Short but fun trail, and it seemd to be peacefully shared between hikers, bikers, jeep-tour companies, and 4x4'ers.

The trail lead us up to a huge sink hole. Water has washed out the rock underneath the surface, and eventually the roof caves in. I wonder how many caves like this we
have driven over without knowing what is under the surface....??

The next trail we drove into was Broken Arrow Trail. Both of these trails are rated difficult in Charles Well's guide book, but we definitely have the feeling that the trails in Moab (guide book from the same author) are rated a little bit harder! Still, there are defintely challenging obstacles on these trails too.

However, the biggest challenge we encountered on this trail was heavy traffic! For a while I was wondering if the hangover from the BBQ still was playing tricks on me,
as I thought I saw pink jeeps all over the place....

The high light of this trail was The Stairs. Not too difficult, but the ride down was quite bumpy. Note that the Nissan Patrol has a slightly wider track than the jeeps
that have been down here over the years.

Our day in Sedona ended at a fantastic camp site overlooking the Sedona and the valley. Drove up on Schnibley Hill Road and took off on a rough trail going all the way over to the cliff edge, and we parked and popped the tent about three feet from the edge. Beautiful views!

The next morning we were ready to head north to Flagstaf and I-40, and on our way back down to Sedona (we wanted to take the scenic route a little bit further to the
west) we came across a guy that wasn't too happy about his GPS software....

In all cases the road was going to be closed for a while, so we had to turn around and drive back up and over the mountain. Finally back on the highway, we said goodbye to Chris which headed back to Prescott, and we pointed the Patrol west towards Death Valley!

More soon!

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