White Rim Trail, Moab

North AmericaPosted by Espen Sat, April 17, 2010 07:08:57

Travel notes from Moab (written yesterday (offline…))

Sitting in the dark at the Candlestick Camp half way along the White Rim trail in Canyonlands National Park in Moab. The only light blending in with the stars in the sky is my laptop monitor, and the only sound I can hear is my refrigerator humming inside my car. It will shut down soon, as the temperature is now decreasing rapidly. The nearest camp is about 16 kilometers (10 miles) away, and I’m the only one here. It feels fantastic.

Today I’ve been driving about 65 kilometers (40 miles) along the White Rim from Airfield Camp to Candlestick. The trail is for the most part just a terribly bad road, but here and there you find yourself climbing up steep sections of rock ledges where you have to be really careful where you put your wheels. The view is canyon after canyon, one more scenic than the other.

This is my second night here in the park, and with a couple of nights before that in the Arches Park, the camping routines are now coming together. Still way to much stuff in the car, so we have to look one more time at what we are bringing when I meet up with Malin in Calgary in two or three weeks’ time.

Next section of the trail will take me back to the main road to Moab. So if nothing goes wrong, I’m planning on being in Moab tomorrow night. Talked to a guy in a shop a couple of days ago that recommended a “dirt cheap” guesthouse just outside the city that allowed camping on their grounds. He described it as an okay place with interesting people… whatever that means... I’ll find out soon enough if I decide to stay there for a night or two. I’ve also started thinking about driving further north, but I have to admit it is a little hard to leave Moab. I just can’t give this place enough credit. If you have the slightest interest in off-road related motorsports, mountain biking, river sports or just great trekking, you have to visit this place. I’ve also heard that climbing in the area is really good, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. If I do stay a couple of more days, I’m seriously considering unloading some of the gear in the Patrol, and giving the “Difficult” trails a go. The Moderate trail has great scenery, and is a really nice drive, but I haven’t engaged the lockers or backed up for another go once. And I’m pretty confident that I could do all these trails in a stock SUV. “Fins and Things” and “Hell’s Revenge” feels really tempting…

Okay! My beer is empty, and I think I felt a mosquito (well, I hope it was a mosquito, its pitch black…) so I guess it is time to go to bed. I’ll try to post more pictures from the trail on Flickr. If I decide to do Hell’s Revenge, you’ll be the first to know! ;-)


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