Baja 1000 Race!!

MexicoPosted by Espen Sun, November 28, 2010 02:40:26

...and did I mention Baja 1000..? :)

Anyways, thought I should post some pictures that I hope can give an impression to what this is about. We camped at Bahia Los Angeles, and the first trucks arrived around 7 pm. It was already dark, so the pictures are not fantastic, but the race comming into the checkpoint from the darkness was spectacular. After seeing the bikes go through a little earlier, which also was quite impressive, the massive trucks really made an impression. What an adventure! To be able to get a glimpse of this race was a nice bonus after our first camp at the Sea of Cortez.

Preparing for their bike(s)

First truck at BF Goodrich pit stop

Not so easy to chatch these guys "on film". The massive headlight in combination with night time, give pics like these... (best viewed in a dark room...:) )

These trucks are definitely bigger than our Patrol, and most, I guess, have a 6-7-800 HP..?

Buggy at check point in Bahia Los Angeles

Pit Stop! Looked like qite a few of the drivers had some language issues at some of the pit stops. As we understood it, many of the drivers buy this service from a Mexican company specializing on Baja 1000 logistics. Problem was that no one at the pit stop could speak english!

Check point 8

Hmm.... One more thing for the Bucket List...?


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