Baja California

MexicoPosted by Malin Tue, November 30, 2010 20:29:54

In Bahìa de Los Angeles we camped with Tiffany (from Australia) and Jamie (from New Zealand) who is driving Betsy (their Chevy van from 1976), and Georg and Andrea (both from Germany) who is driving Vally (Land Rover 2001) down to South America. From Bahía de Los Angeles Betsy headed back to Mex 1 while the two 4x4 wanted to have a closer look at the road that Baja 1000 race followed south. It was a gravel road for 230 km until one get back on to Mex 1 at Vizcaíno.

Some places, especially at some curves, it was rough and other places the road was perfect sand roads. Halfway down the road we took a detour from the race tracks out to San Francisquito were we found a perfect beach to spend the night.

We had to have a closer look at our surroundings and a walk down the beach was a good way to start. At the end of the beach we were invited by Howard (who we just meet) up on his sundeck for a drink of tequila while watching the sunset. Next morning it was back on the dirt road and after three hours we were back on Mex 1.

In San Ignacio, an oasis out in the dessert, we meet up with Jamie and Tiffany and camped by the lagoon under date palms.

Misìon San Ignacio dominates the town’s plaza it is built of lava-blocks and was finished in 1786. On a walk around town we passed by a small store that produced and sold fresh and warm tortillas. With our cars loaded up with tortillas it was back on the road to Santa Rosalía. There was also a need for something more to eat than tortillas so Santa Rosalía was a good place to stock up with food before spending a few more days on the beach.

Santa Rosalie is also famous for their church that was designed by Eiffel and prebuilt in Paris in 1889 before it was dismantled and shipped around the Cape Horn.

At Playa Escondido we all meet up with Franc and Isabel (from Switzerland) and their car Lotti. I think we are the only ones that have no name for our car, any good name suggestions ? Playa Escondido was a beautiful beach with a good group of people and we spent a couple of relaxing days there.

When it was time to leave Franc and Isabel decided to join the international convoy south. On the way south we free camped at a couple of beaches and at Puerto Escondido there was some great mountains raising up just behind the beach.

We all made it to La Paz in one group and here we stopped by the harbor to do some research about ferries to the mainland were we hope to go within 10-14 days’ time. Got all the information we needed and now it is only to figure out when, where and with which company. The best place to figure out all this is probably at a beach and that is where we will be heading today.

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