Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende

MexicoPosted by Malin Mon, December 27, 2010 02:33:04

Guanajuato is an interesting historic mining town tucked into a valley up at 2000 meters. In 1540 the Spanish discovered gold and later silver in this area and it became one of the most influential mines during the colonial period. In 1810 the first battle against Spanish troops in the war of independence happened at Alhondiga granary in Guanajuato. Driving into town all the narrow winding roads was pretty confusing. Luckily the GPS helped us with the navigation, and we found the campground with walking distance to town and we could park the car.

Two days is probably not enough time to explore this city, but that was the time we had given ourselves.

A short cut to town took us through one of the many tunnels and we ended up in one of the many narrow roads.

From a viewpoint we got a good view of all the colorful houses in town. This was also the first time in months where we actually spent some time in a city. And it was also a good opportunity to do some shopping for Christmas gifts. It was plenty of small interesting shops and a marked to look at, and we were all able to find some good gifts.

From Guanajuato the road took us up to 2500 meters and we got good views over the green hills before descending down to 1800 meters. San Miguel de Allende was where we wanted to celebrate Christmas, and it was a good campground in town with excellent Wi-Fi, so we could all Skype our families.

San Miguel de Allende is another old charming colonial town. It is a bit more westernized when it comes to shops and restaurants because many North American’s have moved down to this area.

On the 24th we were told from our fellow campers that there would be a Christmas gathering in between the campers where everyone could join. The owners of the campground had made a huge pot with traditional Mexican soup and a hot drink, everyone else brought a dish and we ended up having an amazing Christmas buffet.

We had not expected anything like this and it was a very pleasant surprise. For the first time it felt a bit like Christmas (it is strange to celebrate Christmas so far away from home and with no snow…). With a pretty full stomach we headed to the restaurant where we had made a dinner reservation. We were able to eat a good dinner before heading back to the campground and the Christmas gifts.

The six of us (German, Swiss and Norwegian couple) had bought two presents each and with a gift exchange we all got some nice presents. Saturday was a good rest day (with a tiny tiny hangover) before driving towards our next stop, Mexico City.

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