Guatemala City

GuatemalaPosted by Malin Sun, February 27, 2011 03:44:52

But we ended up in Guatemala City. The Patrol desperately needed new oil and filters after travelling through North America. No parts for the ZD30 engine to be found anywhere, and the filters we brought along had been used for the service we had up in Whitehorse on our way south. Guatemala is the first country on our way south that actually imports the Patrol. Hopefully it will be easy to find parts from here on. Well, easy is in relatively easy. The only place we could find the parts was in Guatemala City – down town!

We took off from Antigua in the morning, trying to get into the city just after rush hours. We had plotted in Nissan’s position on the GPS, but we knew from experience that the maps in the GPS didn’t include one way streets and accurate highway on- and off ramps. So even if we knew we were in the right area, and that the Nissan garage should be right around the corner, we spent almost an hour trying to find the entrance. Frustrating when you actually can see it, but it is only possible to turn in coming from the other direction and no U-turn is possible.

But finally we pulled in, and the office came to live. They told us they had been following our blog, and that they had been hoping we would drop in. Excellent! An hour later the Patrol was up in the air, and at least two mechanics were working on changing the filters, oil, tightening up the wheel bearings, and looking over breaks and suspension. And I really got the impression that they knew what they were doing. We were even allowed into the garage to take pictures so we could document the happening.

And when the Patrol was taken care of (and even washed!) we were invited over to the main office to say hi and to a photo session! We were really taken good care of during our short stay in Guatemala City.

A BIG THANKS to Nissan for helping us out - you’re the best!

We left 15 minutes to six, and half way through the city center (this time in rush hour), our GPS switched to night mode. By the time we reached the city limit it was dark. Interesting. This was actually one of the two places we had told our selves we shouldn’t be or drive after dark. The other place is Caracas in Venezuela. But it all went smooth, and people seemed friendly - even those driving. Around seven thirty we were back in Antigua.

Mission accomplished!


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