Alaska Highway

CanadaPosted by Malin Tue, May 25, 2010 20:45:42

After an amazing experience of the Canadian Arctic working for Catlin Arctic Survey in Resolute and Deer Bay on Ellef Ringnes Island I was ready to travel south to the spring in Calgary and meet up with Espen to start our road trip. It was great to see Espen again after two months, but Calgary just had snow for us. After a couple of days in Calgary the Road Trip started for me. First stop was Banff were we were camping amongst RV campers. In the morning one of our female RV neighbors asked us about our night, because she had been so worried about us sleeping in our roof tent in the cold…. (-1 degree). Seems like people in North America is not used to see a car rigged like ours.

Sunshine is a nice ski resort close to Banff and we tried it out one day. It did not live up to its name as we had a lot of shifting weather and snow. For me it was my first day in a ski resort this winter and it was anyway good to do some telemark turns. Two days later in beautiful sunshine we were able to try out the skies again on a back country skiing trip up towards Bow Hut. We did not know too much about the area before we started, had just been recommended the trip from the tourist information, but if we had known about the possibility of spending a night at the hut and the view of the glacier above we would not just gone out for the day. It was a really good destination for a spring ski trip.

Driving through the Banff and Jasper National Park was stunning, and Espen actually had to admit that the Rocky Mountains were bigger and more impressive than the Sunnmørs Alps (the mountain he was surrounded by when he grew up). Along the road there is also plenty of animal life to look at if one should get tired of looking at mountains. For us, the best sight was our first Black Bear ever. We soon realized they are pretty common here compared to home, as we saw a total of 14 bears over the next three days.

Dawson Creek is the start of the Alaska Highway and we was ready to continue the drive north. The first 800 km of the Alaska Highway was not to interesting in itself, except you get an idea about the size of Canada and that is has A LOT of forest. Threes after threes after threes….as far as you can see. After Fort Nelson the scenery got more interesting and one can see longer distances, mountains and lakes. On of the best stops we had on the way was at Liard Hot Springs were the water is about 42 degrees, perfect after hours on the road. Refreshed we managed to drive to Whitehorse the same day. In Whitehorse we are enjoying Devon’s hospitality, and we have been taken out for walks, Hash House Harriers run, and mountain biking. By several people we have been told that Yukon got all you need and that Alaska is overrated. I guess we will not know until we have also been to Alaska, which is next after Whitehorse.

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