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Border crossingsPosted by Espen Fri, April 08, 2011 01:03:50

After having the family to visit on Yucatan for three weeks it was time to head south again. One Sunday afternoon was spent driving south from Cancun. We stopped in Tulum for one final dinner at El Camello. We wonder how someone came up with the name El Camello for a fish restaurant in Tulum? It is a really popular place for Mexicans and tourists, and we had to wait in line for a free table for about 20 minutes.

Our final stop and camp before the border was at Laguna Azul at the north end of Laguna Bacalar and about 70 km north of the border crossing.

Since we already had dinner we went to the bar for a beer. One beer turned into two, three and four while we enjoyed the great conversation with the people in the bar. The roof top tent was put up at 01.30 at night so the early start we had talked about was out of the question. After filling up with propane and diesel we were at the border at 11 o`clock the next morning.

At the border we first had to check out by the Mexican immigration. The small building to the right in the photo. No problems there. Then it was to drive through the gate and park on the left side, go back into the building on the left side to find the Banjercito to cancel the car permit. The officer came back out with Espen to take out the sticker we had in the windshield and look at the VIN number on the car. Everything was ok and we could leave Mexico.

Back in the car we had to drive across the bridge of Rio Hondo that separates Mexico and Belize.

On the other side of the bridge you have to drive to the right of the toll free zone that is in between the two countries.

Coming up to the Belize border we parked the car on the well-marked parking lot on the left side and from there walk to the second white building on the left side. There we did the immigration and it was no problems. Next step was to declare the car at the customs and same again, no problems and no fees to pay when entering Belize. Only the driver is allowed to drive the car across the border and the passengers have to walk around to the other side. Espen was driving and was stopped by the customs officers and it turned out we had missed the fumigation point. So it was just to turn around and do the fumigations of the car and pay the 5 USD fee. It just took a few extra minutes and then we and the car was permitted into Belize.

Last stop before we were entirely allowed onto Belize roads was to buy liability insurance for minimum one week that cost 14 USD. The insurance company was just two hundred meters after the border and hard to miss.

It would not be a long stay for us in Belize, just one night because of our late start that morning.

Road side lunch in Belize just after crossing the border (no the roads are quite good, this is on the side...)


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