Border crossingsPosted by Malin Mon, April 11, 2011 18:26:46

This time we just wanted to drive through Belize and it took us only four hours, but because of our late start in the morning we decided to camp just before the border and cross the next morning.

We camped at Trek Shop in San José Succotz that was a really nice place. During the night we had a pretty heavy rainfall. Since it is no good packing up a wet tent that will be on the top of the roof in 28 degrees (Celsius) for a full day, we slept inn. The tent was nice and dry by the time we packed it up.

Arriving at the Belize border we parked at the right side and walked into the building. First we had to pay the 30 BZ (15 USD) exit fee per person for exiting Belize. When we travelled north from Belize to Mexico we had to pay 37,50 BZ exit fee per person, but I do not know why the fee was different this time. With the recite of the payment we walked over to the Immigration and we were stamped out of Belize. Then Espen walked into the other building to Customs to check the car out of Belize and within just some minutes we left Belize.

Crossing into Guatemala we drove through the left “tunnel” which is the fumigation of the car. We had to pay 18 Q for it in an office on the right side just after the fumigation.

Then we parked the car outside the Guatemalan immigration and customs building. Inside the building there is a long counter with the immigration on the right side and customs on the left side. First we visited the immigration and the officer stamped us out of Guatemala and when he handed us our passports he said it cost 20 Q per person the enter Guatemala. We pointed at an immigration woman further along the counter and said that she had told us that there was no fee for entering Guatemala. Then the immigration officer handed us the passport and said everything was ok. What the f….!!!! Wonder how much money they “steal” from tourists and put in their own pockets every day. There are actually no entry or exit fees for Guatemala we have now learned.

Next stop at the counter was the customs to get our original vehicle permit back that we had to leave there when we left Guatemala four weeks earlier. The original was found and handed back to us without any “fees”.

Back in the car our papers was checked and the gate was opened and we were back on Guatemalan roads. Just a 135 meters drive from the border we had to drive across a bridge and on the other side of the bridge there is a 50 Q fee that we had to pay for using the bridge. From other travelers we had heard that they had argued so much about the fee that the police was called, because nobody has seen any locals paying this fee yet. We just paid so that we would be able to drive a few more meters in Guatemala since we hoped to cross into Honduras the next day.

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