Border crossingsPosted by Malin Mon, April 11, 2011 18:35:36

It was not much time we allowed ourself this time in Guatemala. First stop was a shopping mall outside Flores to get some more Quetzales (Guatemalan money) and there we had lunch in the parking lot. We stopped overnight in Poptún at Finca Ixobel.

The afternoon was spent in the hammock eating homemade cinnamon rolls and planning our drive in Honduras. For dinner we spoiled ourselves to their “all you can eat” dinner buffet that was really good. At dinner we talked to an American woman that was 76 years old and travelled by herself. Every winter she travelled for several months in Mexico and Guatemala and she had done it for years. I really hope we will still be able (and motivated!) to travel when we get to her age.

In the morning we said goodbye to Finca Ixobel and this guy that looked like he really would like to get out and come with us. The drive continued south on Petén and we crossed the bridge at Rio Dulce.

It was a really green landscape to drive through, but the further we drove away from the coast the warmer and dryer it got.

Arriving at the El Florido border crossing at 16.00 it was pretty full of trucks and it seemed like some of them had been there for quite a while since two of the drivers had put up their hammocks underneath the truck.

As normal our first stop was immigration for exit stamps. The Guatemalan immigration officer wanted 20 Q per person in an exit fee, but when we told him had we had paid an entry fee he just handed the passports back to us without any fees.

Next stop was customs and the man here asked us to bring the sticker from our car back to him and stamped all the papers.

Our last Quetzales were changed into Honduran Lempiras and we were ready for the Honduras customs.

By driving a bit on the sidewalk we were able to get around some trucks and park in front of the new immigration and customs building in Honduras. All the way to the left in this building was immigration. We were the only ones there and after a minute the immigration officer showed up. We had to fill in immigration forms and the yellow page was stamped into our passport. It was a sign that informed us that we had to pay a 3 USD entry fee per person to get our tourist visas, so we paid and got our passports back.

The immigration officer showed us the door to the customs because it was no sign outside their door. In the office there was nobody and it took 10 minutes before anyone showed up. But then they all showed up and they looked pretty stressed because off all the trucks that was waiting outside. Luckily one guy had time for us and was he was really helpful. He took our three copies of Espens passport, three copies of the vehicle title and three copies of the Guatemalan vehicle permit that we had cancelled??? When he also asked for three copies of Espens drivers license and Espen only had one he said it was ok. Wonder what they do with all the papers they are collecting. After paying 35 USD and all the paperwork was done we had a Honduras vehicle permit in our hands and could cross the border.

This was the last border crossing for us in a few days.

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