San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

NicaraguaPosted by Espen Sat, April 23, 2011 01:18:00

Okay! According to our blog we are tecnically in Costa Rica, but I just had to post a few pics from the beach in Nicaragua. After a tight schedule from Mexico and south, we felt like taking a few days "offline". Vi toook a right from the Pan-Am and drove down to San Juan del Sur, not far from the Costa Rican border. Vi had a tip about camping possibilities just north of town at a nice beach resort.

San Juan del Sur

When we arrived we met our friends from Switserland, Franc & Isabelle, with their orange VW bus. A reallly nice surprise. Our friends from Laguana Apoyo (adventurouspirits.com and nordsued.ch)was also there, and we had some fun and social days on the beach. A couple of days later they alll left to different destinations, and we were alone on the camping area. We had a perfect break, and were laying in the hammock reading books for almost a week...

Camp, just the right distance from the beach...

Restaurant and bar...

Other guests relaxing at Camping Mathilda

But, as they say in Matrix, everything that has a beginning has an end. We packed up a monday morning and headed for the border and Costa Rica. More about the crossing in the previous blog entry, and more about lazy days in Costa Rica soon!


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