Back to the Caribbean

Costa RicaPosted by Malin Thu, May 05, 2011 05:06:47

After one final swim in the Pacific Ocean we were on our way to Turrialba again. Andrea and Georg decided to join us on the road for a few days.

The Patrol and the Toyota slowly climbed the hills from sea level and up to 3300 meters. It was a great drive and the views must be amazing on clear days, if there ever are any clear days up here.

WE MADE IT TO TURRIALBA! At Hotel Interamericana we meet up with Stevie and Tree from Sprinterlife.com. It was really nice to see them again as we hadn’t been able to hook up since Antigua in Guatemala.

The parking lot in front of the Hotel turned out to be an overland campground for a night. Beside the crowd with drunk people, one police man on foot, two on motorbikes, and two that arrived in a police car, that all came to tell these drunks to get moving at around midnight, it was a peaceful night. We left Sprinterlife the next morning and headed for the Caribbean Coast. Steve and Tree were on their way back to the capital San Jose to catch a flight to Mexico to meet up with family. That sounded kind of familiar… Anyway.

The closer we got to the coast and Puerto Limon the more banana plantations and containers we saw along the road.

In Punta Uva we found the perfect beach, and at Restaurant El Arrecife we could camp directly on the beach. Our planned stay of one night turned into three nights. Here are a few photos to show why it is sometimes ‘difficult to get back on the road on an overland journey. It would be great to just stay on forever, but then it was the dream of driving from Alaska to Argentina…

Next stop Panama.


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