AlaskaPosted by Malin Thu, June 10, 2010 23:24:09

Since last blog we have changed our plan a bit and instead of travelling back to Petersville from Talkeetna we travelled south again to Palmer where we visited a friend that works for National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Alaska. Our friend had a few days off before she is starting another course and we had time to do some fun. Together with some more NOLS instructors we had a nice Sunday float in a raft down the Matanuska River, grade 2. There were a few waves and we managed to get a bit wet, but no one had to swim. Finished of Sunday and another week with a bike ride around in Palmer.

Monday morning we were ready for a trip to the Matanuska Glacier. We had a quiet walk on the glacier and also tried a bit of ice climbing, before our friends had to return to Palmer and work the next day. Espen and I had really no plans so we camped up by the glacier and the next day we were back on the ice and did a longer hike up on the glacier. After spending three months living on ice this winter first in Antarctica and then Arctic it was good to have ice underneath my feet again.. J Matanuska Glacier is huge and beautiful and we were just able to see a small part of it in the few hours we had there.

Instead of starting our trip north we headed south to Valdez from Matanuska. It was a beautiful drive down Richardson Highway from Glennallen to Valdez and there were also some wildlife along the road. Since we crossed into Alaska there has not been much wildlife compared to what we saw along the roads in Canada. Since we have always thought of Alaska as the wildest of wilderness, we had probably expected more, but maybe there is just more hunting here, or the animals do not like standing next to the road as much as the Canadian animals. Who knows..?

Will do some sightseeing in Valdez today before we finally (and for sure, as we can’t get further south from here..) start our drive north with a detour to the east and hopefully all the way to McCarthy. We have been told that the road to McCarthy is not the best, and that the risk for a puncture is pretty big as the road used to be a railroad until the 1960’s. It is known that old railroad spikes do surface every now and then. Filled up the car with food and water so if we have to camp while we fix tires we are ready.

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