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AntarcticaPosted by Espen Thu, March 07, 2013 19:22:59

It has been a while, but as we’re now back in Africa after our “break” in Antarctica, it is time to get back online and start the blog again. First a few updates from the cold continent:

It was quite different to arrive at Union Glacier this season. Last year most of camp was already in place and tents were up. This year we were on the first Ilyushin flight in and most of camp was still in boxes and bags. A small crew was flown in a week or so before us, and had prepared the runway, started the machines, and cleared snow around camp and structures. As weather was good we started putting up tents pretty soon.

First we need a flat and firm surface. The snow cats are good to have around.

Looks pretty nice for a tent, and this is where we have most of our meals, and where clients spend time when they are not out in the field.

There are a few “hard shell” structures as kitchen box, toilets, comms box, and some containers for storage. In the picture you can see the toilets in the back (to the right), the blue kitchen box attached to the Dining tent, and to the left is our heated cooler box (now, think about that one…).

Malin’s office for the season. Looks pretty amazing for a camp in Antarctica, but then the chefs here make dinner for up to 130 people a day.

The Mechanical department doesn’t have the same facilities as the kitchen, but the mechanics here are amazing. Everything can be fixed!

Staff are living in standard four season mountain tents, and Malin and I are sharing this one. Wearing jeans means it is Saturday!

Should be about 55 of them..

And a few days after camp was up, we started packing for the first traverse… More about that in the next blog!


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Posted by Arthur Sat, March 16, 2013 18:46:12

keep following... what's your update status, espen?