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Our chosen travel route has since Vancouver taken us inland along the Rockies and down to the Canyonlands. As we also wanted to see some of the US coast line, we traveled northwest from Arizona to San Francisco. After photos and movies we have seen over the years, we decided to drive south along the Pacific on Highway 1. It was an amazing drive and we had nice weather and great views the whole time. A couple we meet later told us they had driven the same road and not seen a thing because of fog.

We started our drive along the coast in Monterey and drove by all the expensive houses along the “17 Mile Drive” to Carmel –by-the-sea. The most beautiful part of the coast was from Big Sur and southwards where it hardly lives any people. Except for the winding road it is wild. Since the Californian coast is famous for its beauty, and with cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles not too far away, it attracts many tourists and the prices are steep. Normally we pay $ 15-20 for a night in a State Campground, but along the coast they cost $ 35…

One night we camped at Kirk Creek which has the most amazing views over the ocean. We were sitting in our chairs enjoying the view, the stars above us, and eating chili tortilla chips. After a quick trip to the restrooms we found that our bag of chips was gone!! There were traces left of chips going towards the bushes, and we figured that the thief must be a raccoon. We had forgotten about the warnings not to leave any food out. Felt a bit sorry for the raccoon that probably ate the rest of the chili chips, hope it did not get too bad stomach pains.

At Piedras Blancas we stopped to look at the young elephant seals that were sunbathing on the beach. Not to different from humans… J

From there Highway 1 took us to places like Santa Barbra and Santa Monica where we saw the “famous” lifeguards. Espen wanted to look for movie stars so figured Beverly Hills and Hollywood was a good place to start.

Unfortunately, the only stars we saw were the ones in the pavement on Hollywood boulevard. After driving around a hill and several other detours, we could finally see the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory.

From the Observatory there were also great views over the city, which is just huge.

Sunset was closing in and we had to find a campsite for the night. Best location for that in the LA area is in Anaheim next to Disneyland. This meant that we had to cross the city in rush hour….. Great.

That was the end of our drive along Highway 1.

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