Detour to Barichara

ColombiaPosted by Malin Tue, June 14, 2011 19:00:20

After spending too much time in heavy traffic on Highway 45, we had enough of big trucks and it was time for a detour. From San Gil we took off up to the colonial town of Barichara. It was a really picturesque town with narrow streets, white painted and well renovated houses.

Our maps showed a road (dotted lines), or actually several, going south west from Barichara, but our GPS did not show any connecting roads. It was back to the old way of navigating where you actually have to look for roads going in the right direction and, in the end when we cannot figure it out, ask the locals for direction.

While looking for the right road we ended up in the small village of Guane that was also a nice, white, old village. With some local info saying that we had to go a bit back and take the dirt road towards Galan, we turned around, found the right dirt road, and continued the drive down the valley. Around a corner we had an amazing waterfall in front of us.

Further down the road when we looked back, we could see actually two waterfalls.

In the bottom of the valley we had to cross the big river and we could see on the amount of water in the river that there recently had been a lot of rain.

We drove through forest and then some farm land. Every now and then we had to do small river crossings, but none of them was any problem. On one of the old rock fences along the road there was a peacock looking at us.

The detour turned out to be great, and also a good reminder that we have to get off the main roads every now and then to really see this amazing country.


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Posted by Brianna PanAmNotes Fri, June 17, 2011 16:37:28

This is great insight on exploration, and truly incredible pictures!