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After a long time on the road we felt like it was time to go home to Norway for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends. To be able to go home we had to find a safe place to park the car, and that we found at Quinta Lala in Cusco.

We realized that Oslo, Norway, is not the center of the universe when our flight from Cusco ended up like this Cusco-Lima-Madrid-London Heathrow-Oslo, and took us 28 hours.

It was really nice to see family and friends again, and when we meet them it did not feel like we had been gone for so long. The only way to notice that we had been gone for a while was that all the kids had doubled in size.

One of the major differences we noticed by being in Norway is that all toilets have a toilet seat and paper, and for the first time since we left USA in November 2010 we could again throw the paper in the toilet and flush. The only thing that is not so good with being back in Norway is the price level.

One liter of fuel cost 14,14 NOK (2, 6 USD) per liter. One personal Italian pizza in a normal restaurant is 30 USD and 0, 5 beer is from 11 USD and up to 15 USD, that I heard someone paid at a festival.

Everyone at home complained that it had been raining the whole summer, but we were lucky to have some nice summer days. It was really good to have a nice long summer evening again. At 21.30 the sun was still shining. So far in Central and South America it has been dark, really dark, around 18.00. When the weather is good in Norway it is a great place to be. Here are a few photos to show it:

Finse, the highest railway station in Norway at 1222 meters above sea level.

Hiking in the mountains.

The Oslo fjord

Along the main street, Karl Johan, in Oslo some lines from Henrik Ibsen’s plays has been selected and engraved into the sidewalk.

This one says: “Vi ejer tiden, men tiden ejer ogsaa os” – “ We own the time, but the time also own us”

Three days after we arrived in Oslo the terrorist attack happened where 79 people got killed by a crazy man. We left Oslo four hours before it happened to visit my (Malin) parents. This was the first time since we started travelling that Espen had to call his family to tell them he was ok and safe as they knew we were in the area. It felt strange after travelling through countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia never experiencing anything bad, and then this happened in “safe” Norway.

Three weeks after the attack people still put down flowers outside the cathedral in Oslo to show their respect to the victims and their families.

After some good and relaxing weeks in Norway we packed our bags (including a jerry can), more warm clothes, new books and a selection of Norwegian food, and were ready to explore the world again.


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