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Southern Africa Camping

Camp listPosted by Malin Sat, May 26, 2012 18:32:09

All prices that are listed are for two people and one vehicle.



Port Elizabeth

Lungile Lodge S33 58.734 E25 38.630 40 m

Price: dorm bed 120 rand, double room w shared bathroom 310 rand, double en suite 385 rand.

We waited for our vehicle to arrive by ship to Port Elizabeth and stayed in Lungile for eight days and tried out some of their rooms. Rooms, bathroom and kitchen were clean and nice. A communal kitchen and fridge so you could cook your own food. Free tea and coffee. Swimming pool that we never tried. Free wifi. Off street parking. And a short walking distance to the beach and several resturants.


Addo Elephant National Park S33 26.666 E25 44.670 133 m

Price: 175 rand

Camp site at the main entrance in the park where there is a restaurant and shop. Power, water, small communal kitchen, braai, and nice toilet and shower facilities.



The Aardvark Guesthouse and Backpacker S33 32.070 E25 41.752 60 m

Price: 120 rand

Really nice and clean communal kitchen, with all the pots, plates, cups and cutlery you need. Free tea and coffee. Braais and tables outside and a room with couches and TV to relax. A restaurant that serves breakfast. Possible to use internet on a computer, but no WIFI.


Bloukrans River Camp S33 57.979 E23 39.403 236 m

Price: 120 rand per site and 40 rand per person. We shared a site with four other people and paid 90 rand.

Ok toilet and shower facilities, but the water was brown. Power. Just next to the highway and you could hear traffic at night.


West of the Bavianskloof

Erlandspoort S33 29.055 E23 21.794 746 m

Price: ??? we do nok know as we stayed with friends that arranged it for us.

OK toilet and shower facilities, a place to do your dishes, braai and power.



Doringkloof Boskamp S33 34.341 E24 05.288 415 m

Price: 180 rand

Power, water, braai and ok toilet and shower facilities. Camping on grassy area.



Komdomo Campsite S33 44.352 E24 36.855 99 m

Price: 90 rand and that includes the park fee to Bavianskloof

Power, water, braai, a place to do your dishes and nice toilet and shower facilities.



Hostal Island Vibe S34 02.165 E23 02.510 14 m

Price: 300 rand for a double room with shared bathroom.

We had the car serviced at Nissan in Knysna that was just 200 meters up the road. Off street parking, communal kitchen with fridge, free tea and coffee, swimming pool and free wifi. In the city center and a nice place to be for a few days.



The Wild Farm S33 59.195 E22 35.694 163 m

Price: 180 rand

Backpacker place that also have camping. Some kilometers up on a hill outside Wilderness, amazing view over Wilderness and the ocean. Communal kitchen and fridge, free tea and coffee, breakfast is included and they have a small restaurant and a bar. WIFI costs 20 rand for 1 hour. Nice toilet and shower facilities.


Struis Bay

Agulhas Backpackers S34 47.910 E20 02.765 15 m

Price: 120 rand

Backpackers place that let us camp on their grass. Communal kitchen with fridge, free tea and coffee, free wifi, bar, swimming pool and nice toilet and shower facilities. Nice and cozy place with a fire in the evening that has thought about the small details like spare toilet paper so guest can easily find it and enough clean dish towels so people actually clean and dries their dishes.


Gordons Bay

Africans Overlanders S34 08.466 E18 53.227 72 m

Price: 140 rand + 20 rand for use of power

Power, water, free wifi, communal kitchen with fridge and place to sit inside. Large area to camp in under some threes. Duncan can help arrange shipping to and from South Africa and whatever else you need.




Sanddrift S32 29.271 E19 16.180 811 m

Price: 140 rand for a camp site for up to 6 people. We shared a site with some friends and paid 70 rand per night.

Water, power, braai, a place to do dishes, nice toilet and shower facilities. Sanddrift is the closest campsite to Wolfberg Cracks. To hike through the cracks is free, but if you would like to continue to Wolfberg Arch the permit to the park costs 100 rand per person. The Arch is nice, but if we did it again we would only have done the Cracks that are free. No wifi.


??? A place about 70 km south of Springbook

Camping Verbe S30 12.784 E17 55.858 765 m

Price: 120 rand

Power, water, a place to do dishes and nice and clean toilet and shower facilities. No wifi.


AI Ais

Ai Ais Hot Spring Resort S27 55.080 E17 29.313 214 m

Price: 250 namibian dollar

Power, water, braai, a place to do dishes, nice toilet and shower facilities. Camping is also including 24 hours access to the outdoor hot spring. No wifi.



Hotel Bethanien S26 30.114 E17 09.753 995 m

Price: 180 namibian dollar (ND)

Power, water, a place to do dishes, ok toilet and shower facilities. They do also have a restaurant and bar, and a nice communal area with a tiny swimming pool. Nice people running the place. No wifi.



Sesriem Camp Site S24 29.167 E15 47.994 780 m

Price: 250 namibian dollar (ND) and you have to pay the National Park permit of 170 ND (80 per person and 10 for the vehicle). Normally the National Park permit is valid for one day, but when you camp in the park it is valid for two days. The day you get there and the day you leave the campsite in the National Park.

Power, water, braai, nice toilet and shower facilities. There is also a bar and restaurant at the gate and a swimming pool that we never tried. No wifi.



Bloedkoppie Camping S22 50.138 E15 23.020 730 m

Price: 80 ND for the campsite and you have to buy a permit, 40 ND per person and 10 ND for the vehicle, to drive on the road to get there. It is a general permit for all the roads in Namib-Naukluft Park and since you are camping in the park it is valid for two days.

Braai place and a long drop toilet. Really nice location.



Youth Hostal Swakopmund S22 40.925 E14 31.501 8 m

Price: 40 ND

Camping on a large sandy area inside the gate of the hostal. The toilet and shower facilities are not so nice, South American standard with no toilet seat and no toilet paper. Good location in the city center.

Desert Sky Backpackers, in the same street as the Youth Hostal does also allow camping for 110 ND per person. They have a nice garden and you can use the kitchen, toilet and shower facilities. No wifi.



Brandaberg Rest Camp S21 13.111 E14 52.061 826 m

Price: 160 ND

Power, free wifi, water, braai, a place to do dishes, swimming pool, nice toilet and shower facilities. They do also have a restaurant. Nice and relaxing place.



Oppi Koppi Kamanjab S19 37.272 E14 51.012 1218m

Price: 80 per person or FREE with a non African registered vehicle.

Power, water, free wifi, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, a place to do dishes, nice toilet and shower facilities. Nice and relaxing place.


Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls Community Campsite S17 00 07.4 E13 14 42.8 633 m

Price: 180 ND

Campsites directly at the riverfront at the Falls, you cannot stay any closer. Fire place, water, nice and basic toilet and shower block.


Van Zyls Pass

Bush camp close to Van Zyls Pass S17 38 46.1 E12 47 16.3 1264 m

Price: free

Just an open place some kilometers before the pass. Really quiet and we did not see any people.

Next day we passed a campsite just a couple of kilometers further on the road towards the pass.



Syncro Campsite S17 15 50.2 E12 26 38.2 260 m

Price: 140 ND

Camp at the Kunene River in the Marienfluss valley. Nice location at the river. Fire place, nice and basic toilet and shower block.



Opowo Country Hotel S18 02 56.8 E13 49 56.7 1236 m

Price: 178 ND

On a hill top with nice views above Opowo. Campsite is a little bit away from the Hotel, but you can use the facilities like the swimming pool at the hotel. There is also a restaurant and bar, and wifi in the reception if you pay for it. Nice campsites with grass, braai place, water and power. Toilet and shower block is nice with hot water, and there is also a place to do dishes.


Etosha National Park

Okaukuejo Campsite S19 10 50.6 E15 55 04.3 1113 m

Price: 400 ND + 170 ND 24 hours permit to the park

Campsite in Etosha National Park with access to pool, restaurant, shop and park office. Campsites are on gravel with private braai, water and power. Toilet and shower block was nice with hot water, and there is also a place to do dishes and laundry. The best thing about Okaukuejo is the water hole that is flood lit at night and you see rhinos. We also stopped at the water hole at lunch and there were the most animals we have ever seen at a water hole.


South of Etosha

Mondjila Safari Camp S19 34 25.8 E15 54 23.9 1269 m

Price: 190 ND

On a hill top with nice view. Campsites with grass under trees, private braai place, free fire wood and there is power. Water smelled and tasted metallic so we did not fill water here. Ok toilet and shower block with hot water when there is fire under the heater. Place to do dishes. Access to bar and restaurant, and a tiny “swimming” pool.



Maori Camp S19 31 48.1 E18 06 42.3 1477 m

Price: 100 ND

A few km northeast of town. Nice campsite with braai place, power, water, nice and clean toilets and shower with hot water, a place to do dishes, the owner sells fire wood and there is a tower where you can watch the sunset.



Tsumkwe Lodge S19 36 01.9 E20 29 45.0 1149 m

Price: 160 ND

Camping on sand with you own braai place, power, a place to do dishes, water and nice toilet block with hot water. The lodge has a restaurant and bar, and they do have WIFI that we did not try because we were told it was really slow. There is also a small swimming pool.



Bush camp - Aha Dancing Spot/Sinkhole

Aha Dancing Place S19 46 38.4 E21 02 30.3 1174 m

Price: free

We crossed at the Dobe border crossing from Namibia to Botswana and from the border we headed south and found the Aha place. No facilities, but a nice clearing in the forest. We went looking for the sinkholes, but did not find them. We only found remains of some San huts.



Crocodile Camp S19 55 49.5 E23 30 44.8 951m

Price: 120 pula

Camping on sand with not much else, just a place to do dishes. Toilet and shower ok, but with hot water. There is a restaurant and bar and a swimming pool that we did not try because it was too cold.



Island Safari Lodge S19 55 35.3 E23 30 36.3 959 m

Price: 100 pula

Camping on sand next to the river. Braii places and some of the sites have power. Water is river water so we did not fill it on our tank. Toilet and shower is ok with hot water (when there are not too many people that will shower at the same time). WIFI in the restaurant is good. Restaurant, bar and two swimming pools that we did not try because the weather was too cold.



Bush camp before the south gate S19 27 04.6 E23 40 35.1 939 m

Price: free

A small road took off from the main road and along this road we found the place for our bush camp. After eating dinner we could hear the roar of a lion that must have been pretty close by, but we never saw it.



Third bridge campsite S19 14 13.6 E23 21 10.9 955 m

Price: 472 pula + 290 pula entrance fee to the Moremi park.

The campsites at third bridge are all under a large tree with a braai place and water tap. Toilet and shower block was nice and clean, should have hot water in the showers, but we did not try them. There are no fences around the camp and animals walk through the area, we had an elephant 1 ½ meter from the car at night (we saw the tracks in the morning).



Ngina Safari Camp S17 47 48.2 E25 13 19.4 940 m

Price: 130 pula

West of Kasane. Not the nicest camp in the area, but it is the cheapest and since we spent the whole day in Chobe National Park it was an ok place to stay. Camping on sand. Power, water, toilet and shower block was ok and had hot water and there was a place to do dishes.



Victoria Falls

Shoestrings Backpacker S17 55 34.1 E25 50 05.9 943 m

Price: 10 usd

Camping in a backpacker place on sand or grass. A kitchen area to cook your own food. Toilet and shower block is ok. Restaurant and bar, and WIFI in the bar if you pay for it. Swimming pool and a nice garden to relax in. Fences around the whole place and it is a secure place to leave your car while you explore Victoria Falls on foot, everything is within walking distance.




Chobe Forest Reserve

Bush camp along the road to Savuti S18 16 18.2 E24 17 31.5 974 m

Price: free

There was not any places to get off the road so we bush camped in an area where the road was a bit wider. Four cars passed us right after sunset and then there was no more traffic on the road that nigh. We had a really good and quiet night sleep.



Xere Motel S21 02 52.2 E24 23 58.3 915 m

Price: 140 pula

A motel next to the road that lets people camp in the back of the property. Access to toilet and shower. Quiet over night as there is not much traffic on the road.


Central Kalahari National Park

Kori campsite 3 S21 25 17.7 E23 47 32.5 970 m

Price: 60 pula + 290 pula National Park fee

Nice basic campsite with a bit of a view. Braai place. Pit toilet and a shower shelter with a bucket for your shower, but you have to bring your own water.


Central Kalahari National Park

Sunday campsite 1 S21 17 32.0 E23 42 33.0 980m

Price: 60 pula + 290 pula National Park fee

Nice little clearing in the bushes with a braai place. Pit toilet and a shower shelter with a bucket as a shower, but you have to bring your own water. Sunday camp 1 is next to the Leopard Pan and we were joking about how some places are named to make them more interesting, but as we got into the campsite it was a leopard there. We got a couple of minute’s view of it, before it disappeared into the bushes.


Rysana Pan

Bush camp on the east side of the Rysana Pan S21 12 36.5 E25 08 26.6 908 m

Price: free

Nice place to bush camp not too far of the road on the east side of the Rysana Pan. No facilities.


Sua Pan

Kukonje Island S20 54 52.9 E26 11 58.0 920 m

Price: free

Amazing camping on Kukonje Island is on the east side of the Sua Salt Pan. A few campsites on the island and some of them have a pit toilet. We camped underneath a large Baobab tree. To get out to the island you have to pass through a veterinary fence and register at the gate, here they do also sell fire wood.


Limpopo River

Limpopo River Lodge S22 29 42.0 E28 47 39.0 650 m

Price: 236 pula

Really nice campsites at the Limpopo River front in a private reserve that did not cost us any extra since we camped there. The reception area is some kilometers away from the campsites. Nice braai places, water and nice toilet and shower block with hot water when there is fire under the boiler. In the morning we saw hippo, antelopes, warthogs and baboons at the river. Plenty of elephant dungs in the camping area, none of them visited us, but we saw elephants on our drive out of the reserve again.



Just outside the Pafuri Gate to Kruger National Park

Pafuri River Camp S22 25 21.4 E31 02 06.8 286 m

Price: 200 rand

We arrived in the dark and left in the dark, but what we saw of it looked like a nice place. Campsites with braai area, water and your own toilet and shower block with hot water. There was also a place to do dishes. They had a bar and restaurant too, and a swimming pool??


Kruger National Park

Punda Maria S22 41 34.0 E31 01 00.8 465 m

Price: 136 rand (we were four people sharing a site)

Not the most organized campground, no specific campsites and you just had to find a free area. Water and power points around in the campground, but not enough power points to everyone. Nice toilet and shower block with hot water. A small kitchen to cook and do dishes. Restaurant and a small shop at the reception. There was also a water hole with a shelter where you could sit and watch the animals at the campsite.



Phalaborwa Safari Park S23 56 49.5 E31 09 46.3 395 m

Price: 195 rand

Just outside the Phalaborwa gate into Kruger National Park. Nice campground with braai place, water and power. Really nice toilet and shower block with hot water, a place to do dishes and there was a laundry machine and dryer that you could use for free.




Limpopo National Park

Aguia Pesqueira S23 51 37.3 E32 00 33.6 171 m

Price: 130 rand (we were four people sharing a campsite) + 195 rand entry to the park for two days

Campsite with great view over the Messingir Dam. Campsites with braai place, ok toilet and shower block with hot water and a place to do dishes.


On the coast between Xia-Xai and Chidenguele

Paradise Magoo S25 01 47.0 E33 59 56.2 22 m

Price: 133 rand (we paid in rand to use up remaining rands, do not know the exact price in Metical)

You need a 4x4 to get here, soft sand next to a sand dune and a hill. Ok campsites, no much view of the sea. Toilet and shower block was ok with hot water. Place to do dishes. Restaurant and bar. And a really nice beach.



Fatimas Nest S23 51 07.8 E35 32 38.8 13 m

Price: 500 Mtc (think we were there the last weekend of high season during the South African school holidays)

Camping on sand with no view to the beach. Ok toilet and shower block with hot water. Kitchen area where you can cook your own food. Restaurant and bar with view over the beach. They have two night guards, but we do not really know if they will help you is something happened. One night, at midnight, we were woken up by a girl screaming, sounded like she was closed to getting raped just outside the fence to Fatima’s. Espen and Marius got dressed and jumped out of the rooftop tents and run over to help. When they got closer they saw that she was being taken care of by some other travellers, apparently she had been robbed. One security guard got to the entrance and stayed there looking as Espen and Marius was on their way back in, and the other night guard stayed behind the fence in the campsite just watching. So if something would happen to us at Fatima’s we do not really know if they would help us. We left the next day.



Neptune Lodge S23 47 10.2 E35 29 59.9 13 m

Price: 800 Mtc for a casita in low season

We really liked this place and its owners (they had just taken over the place). Nice clean casitas with power, bathroom with hot water, bedroom, living room/kitchen with two more beds or you could use them as a couch. Kitchen with all you needed and a fridge. Sitting places and a table outside. 150 meters from a nice beach and there is a bar and restaurant with good food on the beach.



Paindane Resort S24 06 04.5 E35 29 58.2 7 m

Price: 720 Mtc (four people sharing a site). All prices was listed in rand and in low season camping was 90 rand per person (high season 110 rand) and 90 rand for the most basic campsite up to 240 rand for the most expensive site with private toilet and shower block and power (cannot remember what you have to pay for the site in high season).

Really nice location with view over the sea. We thought it was quite expensive, but we arrived a bit late and was just staying one night. Should be really good snorkeling just off the beach, but the sea was rough when we were there and it rained.



Baobab Beach S22 00 32.6 E35 19 18.2 27 m

Price: 400 Mtc (low season)

Nice backpacker place with camping and access to the beach. Power, water and a self-catering kitchen. Toilet and shower was nice and with hot water. Restaurant and bar. Walking distance to town.



Cuacua Lodge S17 47 41.5 E35 25 03.1 44 m

Price: 600 Mtc

The lodge has view to the Zambezi River, restaurant and a swimming pool. The campsites is located maybe 1,5 km away from the lodge behind a hill. Private braai place with benches and table, there are some power points and the toilet and shower block was nice.



Complexo Monte Nairucu S15 02 23.1 E39 08 40.1 389 m

Price: 300 Mtc

13 km north west of Nampula in a nice landscape with some fascinating rock formations. The Complexo also have orange orchard and a restaurant. There is a small dam/lake and the campsite is located next to it. Toilet and shower block was ok and it had hot water.


Ilha de Mozambique

Patio dos Quintalinhos (Casa Gabriel) S15 02 17.5 E40 43 48.3 9 m

Price: 1200 Mtc for a double room with shared bathroom and 180 Mtc for secure parking in a locked garage. There is also rooms with private bath that can accommodate up to 1-6 people.

Really nice relaxing place with swimming pool, roof top terrace and WIFI. Breakfast is included in the price. Walking distance to everything on the island. The place is run by Gabriel, a friendly and helpful Italian.


Ilha de Mozambique

Casuarina Camping S15 02 32.6 E40 41 44.3 8 m

Price: 700 Mtc (200 per person and 300 for a vehicle)

Located on the mainland just next to the bridge out to Ilha de Mozambique. In Tracks for Africa it says this place is a filthy mess, but it must have got new management or they have changed their style. It was a nice and clean place. It is on the beach looking out to the island and there were plenty of people walking by, but they never approached us or tried to sell us anything. Toilet and shower block was ok and you could get power if you asked for it. WIFI in the restaurant and they have fire every night.



Pemba Dive and Bushcamp S13 00 06.3 E40 30 48.6 6 m

Price: 500 Mtc

Nice and relaxing place with a small beach in an opening in between the mangrove trees. Campsites with your own shelter with four chairs and a table, water and power (cost 5 usd extra per day, but there is only power from 12 to 24). A kitchen for self-catering. Rustic and nice toilet and shower block, cold water, but they heat up a bucket with hot water in the afternoon so you can mix your own shower water. Bar and restaurant with buffet dinner. WIFI. There is kayaks, snorkeling equipment and other things you could use for free.



Quinta Manlia S13 11 46.6 E37 30 46.3 814 m

Price: 300 Mtc?

Located just outside Marrupa center it is a quiet and safe spot to spend a night. Basic toilet and shower facilities.



Cape Maclear

Fat Monkeys S14 01 25.0 E34 50 28.8 460 m

Price: 3120 MK – 6 USD per person per night, so price in MK depends on the daily exchange rate.

Camping on sand next to the beach at Cape Maclear. Nice toilet and shower block (with hot water), power, place to do dishes and laundry, WIFI if you by MB with Skyband, restaurant and bar. It was nice and secure when we were there. The only thing at Cape Maclear is that the whole village is using the beach and lake to do all their washing of pots, pans, laundry and themselves. We did not swim in the lake because of this, but many other tourists did.


Senga Bay

Steps Campsite S13 42 58.8 E34 37 42.4 491 m

Price: 3000 MK

Nice and secure campsite by the lake and you can choose if you will camp on grass or sand. Nice toilet and shower block, and a place to do dishes and laundry. Power and water. There is a bar on the beach and on weekends they sell some food as well. The campsite is next to Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel and you can eat in their restaurant. The hotel also have Skyband (you have to buy MB) WIFI. On weekends it fills up with local day visitors, but even then it was still pretty relaxed and people just enjoyed themselves.


Kande Beach

Kande Beach S11 57 04.1 E34 07 21.4 495 m

Price: 2500 MK

Nice location on the long Kande Beach. Camping on sand a bit away from the beach, with power. Toilet and shower block was ok, but when three overland trucks with a total of 60 people pulled inn they should look after the toilets more regularly. Bar at the beach and restaurant tucked away in a dark corner of the property. Internet in the reception for 50 MK for 3 min. Nice place, but somehow we did not feel it was not the right place for us.


Makuzi Beach

Makuzi Beach S11 55 08.2 E34 10 40.9 467 m

Price: 2700 MK – 5 USD per person per night so it depends on the exchange rate.

This is our favorite place so far in Malawi, really nice and relaxing place with its own private beach. Campsite is on one end of the beach and bungalows on the other end. Campsites is on grass on three different levels up from the beach, some threes for shade, water and power (you need an extension cord). Access to internet on the computer in the reception, free use of kayaks and snorkeling equipment. Toilet and shower block is clean and with hot water in the afternoon. Good restaurant and a bar with a great terrace for sundowners.


Nkhata Bay

Big Blue Star Backpackers S11 36 15.3 E34 17 56.2 508 m

Price: 2000 MK

Camping on grass a little bit away from the lake. Ok toilet and shower block (hot water in the afternoon). Nice place to sit by the lake, restaurant and bar. Free WIFI. The road to this place is a small two track and it doesn’t look like a lot of cars are driving in, but we got in without a problem.


Vwaza Wildlife Reserve

Camp Vwaza S11 08 05.6 E33 38 58.6 1098 m

Price: 3500 MK and you also have to pay the park permit, for us that was 6750 MK for one day

We were told to camp in front of some of their huts that was empty and they opened one of them so we had access to toilet and shower. View over the lake with no fences around. It was great to watch the wild life around our camp, elephants, hippos, antelopes and baboons. No power or water. I really liked this place, but we were told they would get new management and they would start to renovate…



Mushroom Farm S10 35 10.5 E34 08 04.0 1098 m

Price: 2700 MK

Some kilometers before Livingstonia you will find Mushroom Farm on the cliff edge. We got a spot for camping where there was just enough room for our car and to put up the roof top tent. It was a Braai at our site and we had a great braai at sunset with view over Lake Malawi. The location is incredible and it is a nice and relaxed place. Toilet facilities was ok and a great shower with a view. No power or water. Bar and restaurant, and some great hammocks for relaxing on the cliff edge.



Sangilo Sanctury S10 31 04.3 E34 13 04.1 510 m

Price: 2500 MK

Nice location at Lake Malawi with a restaurant and bar down at /span the beach. Campsite is a bit behind the other accommodation and no views. Toilet and shower block was nice and clean. The British owner was helpful and said that if we needed he had garage facilities on the premises that we could use.




Utengule Country Hotel S8 53 07.2 E33 19 12.8 1382 m

Price: 31 300 TZS

Really nice Country Hotel with good restaurant, swimming pool, tennis and squash court. They let us camp on their helipad. Toilet and shower block are the same that is used by the tennis and squash court. We did not ask about power or water. No internet. It is a working coffee plantation and it was possible to walk over to the plantation to have a look at the production (they have Sundays off).


60 km south of Iringa on A 7

The Old Farm House S8 08 45.0 E35 24 45.8 1736 m

Price: 18 000 TZS

Campsites under some tress with a braai pit. Toilet and shower block was nice and clean. No power, water or internet. A place to do dishes. It is a campsite and lodge on a working farm and it is possible to buy some fresh farm products. They have walking trail on the property and a spa. Cozy restaurant and bar that we did not try out. Great place to stop.



Tan Swiss Lodge S7 23 47.6 E37 00 05.8 526 m

Price: 16 000 TZS

Campsite in the back of the property (as far away from the road as possible). Toilet and shower block ok, but they had some problems with the water supply when we were there. Restaurant, power and no internet. Ok place to stop for the night as we were driving north on A 7.



Peponi Holiday Resort S5 17 12.8 E39 03 59.5 10 m

Price: 15 000 TZS

Campsite under threes with a shelter to each site. Some of the sites are at the beach front and has good view over the sea. Power cost extra per day. Toilet and shower block is ok and with hot water in the afternoon. A place to do dishes and laundry. Possible to use a garage if you have to fix something on our car. Good restaurant and a bar. A small swimming pool. We arranged for a boat to go from Pangani to Zanzibar from Peponi and then they let you park your car for free while you are on Zanzibar.



Irente Farm S4 47 37.6 E38 15 55.8 1456 m

Price: 14 000 TZS

A couple of campsites with good views over the surrounding hills. Ok shower and toilet block a little walk away. Water, but no power. They have a small shop where they sell their products like good cheese, homemade bread, jam, juice, yoghurt etc.



Irente View Point Lodge S4 48 06.9 E38 15 28.6 1403 m

Price: 16 000 TZS

They let us camp on their parking lot in front of the hotel almost on the cliff edge with amazing views over the landscape below. For toilet they let us use the one in the reception and I think there was a small shower/toilet block for campers in the back outside the hotel too. No power or water. Restaurant in the hotel, but we did not try it. Great spot to camp, but it was not a place where I could relax. We camped just in front of the entrance of the hotel and to be honest I do not understand why they let us camp there. When we were there it was a conference there with politicians from the state and for them, and other guest, to take in the view they had to walk around where we camped.


Mambo Village

Mambo View Point S4 30 13.7 E38 13 02.6 1894 m

Price: 16 000 TZS

Incredible location for a lodge with amazing views over the landscape below. One nice campsite for overlanders with good view. Toilet and shower block is nice. Water but no power. Restaurant and they sell local produced cheese, yoghurt and bread. Good information about local trips and things to do in the area.



Keys Hotel S3 20 18.5 E37 20 48.5 856 m

Price: 40 300 TZS

They let us camp in their parking lot in the back of the hotel and opened up on of their huts/rooms so we could use a really nice and clean bathroom. Breakfast buffet was included in the price. Internet in the reception, swimming pool and a restaurant. Walking distant into town. We had planned to stay in Honeybadger Campsite while in Moshi, but as their price was in usd and they would charge us a stupid rate to pay in shillings we left after a 30 min argument. So we were happier paying more per night in the end at Keys Hotel.


Lake Chala

Lake Chala Safari Camp S3 18 26.2 E37 41 09.1 946 m

Price: 32 000 TZS

Nice and quiet location with good views to Kilimanjaro. Campsites with braais and water. Nice toilet and shower block with hot water in the afternoon. Bar and restaurant. There is a small water hole where we saw elephants one day and baboons every day.

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